Flight Booking Info

Book yourself or through a travel agent.

The group will be flying together on the following flights. You will need to book these flights so that you travel with the group. If you choose to fly on a different flight see “other flights” to the right.

   Note: Airlines sometimes change flight numbers or other details. If you do not see these details when you are booking - please contact us to confirm the flight information.

Travel Agent

If you would like to use a travel agent, please direct them to this page. The agent will simply need to book your flights so that your itinerary includes these flights as part of the trip.

Please book as soon as possible to guarantee your spot on the plane and to secure the lowest price.

Other Flights

If you would like to take a different flight to join the group, this can be arranged. You will need to make arrangements to join the group at your own expense. Please coordinate this via email at expeditionesteli@cigartourism.com.