Finally! We can take you to Cuba! We have been working for many years to craft the very best experiences during visits to Cigar Country. Now you can come to Cuba with us.

Cuba trips are licensed by the US Treasury Department and are legal for US Citizens to attend. As such, these trips have a full-time itinerary of activities with Cuban citizens.

While engaging with Cuban people, we learn how the Cuban cigar business works. We meet the people at each level of production and learn about their lives and art.

We are developing a website specifically for our Cuba trips. Stay tuned for more information shortly. In the mean time, we have itineraries and information about the planned trips.

Contact us if you are interested.

Immerse yourself in the world of cigars in style and comfort. We will introduce you to your favorite cigar makers, show you where tobacco is grown, cigars are rolled, and we wrap up each day with tastings in the tropical air.

Does this sound good to you? Come join us for one of our upcoming trips. You can read our preliminary schedules by following the links above.

Here is what past participants have said:

“One word... UNREAL!

Thanks again for everything.”

  1. -Matt Waris               See photos from Matt’s trip in 2010.

“I cannot begin to express just how wonderful this trip was. I have a new and profound appreciation for the dedication evidenced by all of the manufacturers we met. Every step of the process from seed to shipping cannot be fully realized until one sees it personally.

I still say we should give this group first dibs on all future trips. Without exception, everyone I met on this trip was an awesome individual. I hope we can all stay in touch going forward!”

  1. -Doug Thompson

ROBUSTO JOE went on a Cigar Tourism trip. See his posts 1-3 here for a detailed take on the Dominican Republic.

“I am still realizing, on a daily basis how much I learned on this trip. One of the most lasting impressions from this trip is that being able to purchase a quality, premium cigar for less than $10 is a bargain. This may not be obvious at first but when you experience that amount of detail, process work and number of people that are actually required to fully create a cigar and deliver it to the store shelf, it was amazing that it can happen at such reasonable prices.
Cigar manufacturers and tobacco farmers experience tremendous risk on a daily basis as they work to innovate, maintain and create the best cigars available in history.”

- Bob McDuffee

Nicaragua - Dates To Be Announced

Dominican Rep - Dates To Be Announced

Trip Dates

Cuba Private Tours

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November 16-21, 2015

Havana to Pinar del Rio, meeting the people who make cigars, particularly Partagas cigars, all the way.

                   Trip Completed


We are in the process of transitioning all our Cuba content and trips over to another website. When that site is up, we will provide the URL.

We look forward to assisting you with your Cigar Adventures in the near future.

Photos from 1st Cuba Trip

Flight Info

Colin Ganley

Author and Journalist, Cigars

- will be leading all trips currently scheduled.

“I will take participants behind the scenes and introduce them to the key players in the world of premium cigars. It doesn’t get much better than a good cigar behind the scenes in a great climate!” - CG

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